OWFI condemns the terrorist Islamist ISIS attacks in Paris

The 2003 occupation of Iraq developed a second generation of Al Qaedas who can only be described as human beasts, with no consideration to human life, female dignity, or children’s right to safety or innocence. Our hearts go to the French victims’ families who begin to share our dilemma of dealing with Islamist terrorism. The solution can only be through the solidarity of a global working class struggling against the extremisms supported and empowered by the Imperialist and capitalist politics of the UK\US and its ally governments in the Middle East. ISIS was not created in vacuum; a decade of determined UK\US policies groomed them for their global role in terrorism of the people of the world. Down with ISIS blood-thirsty ideology.


Long live Freedom and Equality Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq 14 November – 2015

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