Houzan Mahmoud in media on the so called elections and the political situation in Iraq

Houzan Mahmoud is continuously been interviewed by various media outlets about her organisations opposition to the so called elections and the current political situation in Iraq, the women’s rights and violation of human rights in Iraq.  In her answer’s Houzan made sure to expose the current sham elections and its empty meaning politically in Iraq, she described it as a show only, which has nothing to do with implementing “democracy” but it is rather a sectarian division of tribal, religious and ethnic interest of each party taking part in the elections in the 15/12/2005.Houzan also in some other parts in various interviews shed the light on the important struggle of women and workers to end the occupation. She also stressed upon the importance of ending the ongoing military occupation of Iraq, and endless support for Iraq’s secular and progressive movement.  Among those media outlet who interviewed Houzan Mahmoud are the followings:

CNN: On the day of so called elections Houzan was interviewed live on CNN about her organisations opposition to the so called elections.

Vanity Fair: a women’s magazine which publishes in various languages have interviewed Houzan on the women’s situation in Iraq, the so called constitution and the upcoming elections in Iraq for its Italian language section of Vanity Fair.

BBC world service: The programme World today hosted Houzan Mahmoud on two occasions. in one occasion with Sabah Al Mokhtar from the Arab Lawyers Association who also were against the election, and Bayan Sami Abdol Rahman, the Kurdistan Regional Governments high representative to UK who defended the elections in Iraq.

BBC world service – another programme called Have your Say also interviewed Houzan two times about boycotting the elections in Iraq. Houzan was interviewed Along with other Iraqis who either opposed the elections or were against it.

Pakistan TV – Prime Show:
Interviewed Houzan Mahmoud on two occasions in the last month about the situation in Iraq along with Tahrir Numan of Arab Media Watch and Ali latif of prospect organisation.

On the 14/12 on prime show again interviewed Houzan along with Sami Ramadani senior lecturer in the University of Metropolitan in London and Ali Latif of the prospect organisation.

Portugal: The official paper of Communist renovation party in Portugal made an exclusive interview with Houzan about the situation in Iraq, occupation and so called resistance and the role of Iraq Freedom Congress. The interview could be found on the following link:


German press:
Houzan was also interviewed by a radio in Germany Called Free Radio about the political situation in Iraq, the effect of the new constitution and the so called elections in Iraq. This interview appeared on other websites and it was transcribed and posted on the net. The interview was conducted by Maike Dimar.

For the radio interview please click this link:

For the transcript of the interview please click the link bellow:

Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq-UK
Media centre of Iraq Freedom Congress

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