AskYanar: Your Chance to Connect with an Iraqi Women’s Rights Activist

AGAINSTwomenVERTICAL_Final1Since the beginning of the crisis in Iraq, our partner Yanar Mohammed, President of Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), has provided us with on-the-ground accounts of the hardships and danger Iraqi women and families are facing. Now, we want to give you the opportunity to pose your questions to her.

Here’s how YOU can #AskYanar:

Up until Friday August 8th, tweet your question to @MADREspeaks using the hashtag #AskYanar or go onto MADRE’s Facebook Fan Page and comment on one of the posts about the Q&A session.

Be sure to check our myMADRE blog on Monday, August 25th to see if your question was answered by Yanar!

Please note that not all submissions will be accepted.

Yanar’s recent interviews and quotes:

“Suicide, Rape, Murder: Life For Women In Iraq Under ISIS”, HuffPost Live

“Three days after the invasion began, the militants were knocking on doors asking for unmarried women. We were told that 13 were taken from their homes and raped. More were taken later. The militants said it was their duty to serve the needs of the jihadists.”

“In Iraq, humanitarian crisis called ‘epic’”, Toronto Star

“How Can We Protect Women From A Sexual Jihad?”, HuffPost Live

“The Iraqi society is suffering unprecedented crisis that threatens the future of peaceful co-existence of citizens, and augments genocides and civil conflicts based on the sectarian identities that were established on the Iraqi population, and were strengthened throughout more than a decade of the American occupation to Iraq.”

“On the Occupation of Mosul and the Cities of Western Iraq”, One Billion Rising

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