V-Day Hosts Iraqi activist Yanar Mohammed in U.S

November 16-18: “V-Day: Celebrating Vagina Warriors” V-Day Founder/Playwright Eve Ensler To Interview Ms. Mohammed in NYC.

Academy Award winning Actor/Activist Jane Fonda And V-Day Executive Director Jerri Lynn Fields To Introduce The Evening
V-Day is hosting Iraqi activist Yanar Mohammed of Organization Of Women’s Freedom In Iraq who can offer first hand report on the status and conditions for women in Iraq NYC and DC November 16-18th.

Ms. Mohammed is the Director of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, a group that works to stop atrocities against Iraqi women and defend their rights. One of their main projects is the development of a battered women’s shelter in Baghdad to protect women who are fleeing from violence and “honor killings.” In addition, she serves as the Editor in Chief of the newspaper Al-Mousawat (Equality) which is available in Baghdad and beyond.

While in the U.S., Ms. Mohammed will meet with funders, supporters, and media including CNNi Weekend World News (Nov 16), BBC World Service (Nov 17), Democracy Now (November 18).

On Monday, November 17 as part of an evolving series of events and gathering reflecting V-Day’s 2004 theme “Celebrating Vagina Warriors,” V-Day Founder/Playwright Eve Ensler will Interview Ms. Mohammed at the Culture Project@45 Bleecker Street. Introduction by Academy Award winning Actor/Activist Jane Fonda and V-Day Executive Director Jerri Lynn Fields.

V-Day will sponsor Ms. Mohammed’s U.S. visit the purpose of which is threefold:


  • To raise awareness of the plight of women in Iraq today.
  • To gather political support for her movement, the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq and for Defense of Iraqi Women’s Rights, an organization working to improve the status of women through active involvement in the political debate over Iraq’s future and other groups.
  • To secure resources to assist Iraqi women in their struggle against violence and oppression, both politically and literally.

Media contact: Susan Swan (917) 865-6603, press@vday.org

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