Reaping the Fruits of American Democracy in Iraq

On Wednesday the 22nd of February, Iraqi people witnessed the darkest day of their modern history. The new democracy, as designed by George Bush and reinforced by his ambassador Khalil Zadeh, has matured to the point where sectarian and civil war is only one tool of political pressure of one governmental group to get a bigger share in the government.

Al Mahdi Army, lead by Muqtada Al Sadr, roams the streets with the most modern weapons, attacking, burning and confiscating Sunni mosques to hang their Shiite signs on the doors and to claim those mosques to be theirs.

The collaborating Ministry of Interior has supplied the arms and the cars for the attacks in which 168 Sunni mosques were invaded and partly destroyed.

In other parts of Baghdad and suburbs, tens of people of Sunni ID were shot on the spot by death squads due to their sectarian ID and hundreds were detained in some mosques.

Although the basic trigger resulted from an attack on two Shiite mosques in Samara city, all these mass crimes were committed by the Shiite political Islam groups in order to prove to the US administration that they are the upper hand inside Iraq and that the important ministries cannot be given to their Sunni counterparts.

Our “democratic and liberated” Iraq is ruled by armed and criminal religious militias who are capable of anything in order to claim power. They do not refrain from any atrocities in order to achieve political and military dominance; neither mass killing for other sects, nor destroying religious building and especially not the freedoms of youth and women.

The legalized and institutionalized Balkanization of Iraq has reached its peak on this dark Wednesday. The civil war was triggered by the strongest allies of Americans, i.e. the Shiite political Islam groups in the government.

The foundations of civil life and liberties in Iraq have been uprooted by American policies and their so called democracy which categorized Iraqis according to ethnic, religious and sectarian lines.

Although Mullahs have taken over the government and wrote a constitution which turns women into inferiors and victims of their religious groups, the dangers are much more eminent now. Although the society at large has not been dragged and involved in the sectarian bigotry and crimes, we are witnessing very dangerous days in which the virus of bigotry and sectarian hatred may prevail and dominate and lead to genocide and sectarian cleansing.


Down with the ethno-sectarian government imposed by the US policies

Long live freedom, secularism and equality


Yanar Mohammed

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

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