20 year old OWFI activist Aya Al Lamie Kidnapped from Tahrir Square and tortured

Although the numbers of demonstrators became much less in the Iraqi Tahrir square, Aya Al Lamie insisted to join the demonstrators every Friday of the last months. She insisted to put a woman’s face on the Tahrir demonstrations and cooperated with all the organized groups in the square.

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Yanar Mohammed — Iraqi Women’s Vigilant Champion

Although the focus of many media reports has been on Egypt’s Tahrir Square, there is another Tahrir Square that demands our attention — the one in Baghdad. On Friday, June 10, members of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) were attacked and sexually molested as they gathered there to make demands.

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Iraqi Feminists Sexually Assaulted During Pro-Democracy Protests

In Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on Friday, four women participating in a pro-democracy demonstration were molested and beaten by government-sponsored protesters who swarmed the square. Those assaulted were a part of a 25-woman delegation from the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, the country’s leading women’s rights group, there to create a visible women’s presence in the …

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Iraqi Human Rights Activists Protesting for Democracy Are Sexually Assaulted and Beaten

June 10, 2011 – New York, NY – Today, MADRE learned that pro-democracy activists who gathered in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square were brutally attacked by un-uniformed forces. MADRE’s Iraqi partner group, the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), states that activists who gathered in the square to continue their weeks of protests for democracy, jobs …

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The Iraqi government detains and tortures peaceful demonstrators from Tahrir Square

In today’s demonstration of Tahrir square, the youth marched towards the bridge in order to cross to the Green Zone, and chanted the slogan of ‘Ousting the System’. The security forces – under the “General Commander of Armed Forces” Mr. Nouri Al Miliki gave orders to detain and torture all the organizers of the demonstration. …

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Houzan Mahmoud, abroad representative of OWFI, tells us about her role in the struggle for equality in Iraq and Kurdistan

“There has been so much injustice and oppression in Iraq, for such a long time. To fight it is almost an obligation.”   Houzan Mahmoud: was born in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1973. As a Kurd living under the regime of Saddam Hussein, she grew up with an intimate understanding of discrimination, injustice, lack of rights, and …

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The Day of Iraqi Rage

Last Friday, February 25, was a historic day in Iraq. The revolution earthquakes in Egypt, Tunisia, and Lybia sent shockwaves in our direction. The main squares of most Iraqi cities were filled with protestors raising same demands of providing electricity, employment, an end to governmental corruption, and a plea for general freedoms.

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16 days of activism against gender violence – Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

Military and militia politics defy civil societies and women:  16 Days of activism between the international day for elimination of violence against women (Nov 25) and the international day for human rights (Dec 10) witness a global participation in the campaign to escalate action to end violence against women.

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Women of Iraq Left All Alone

An article by Yanar Mohammed written for TerraViva magazine which was dedicated for the UN Resolution 1325 on women in areas of conflict. A shorter version was published in their last issue.

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Sex slave girls face cruel justice in Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) — At one of Baghdad’s two female juvenile prisons, the young Iraqi girls live in limbo, sadness and desperation permeating every aspect of their interrupted lives. Some face punishment for prostitution. Others are charged with ties to terrorism. And then there are the victims, also behind bars.

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Brutalised for Western profit

Iraqi activist Houzan Mahmoud is too young to remember the 1963 CIA-backed coup against Abdel Karim Kassem.  Five years earlier General Kassem had ousted the Western-allied Iraqi monarchy and retrieved land and oil from the British-owned Iraq Petroleum Company.

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Iraqi Women Forced into Sexual Slavery

Interview with Houzan Mahmoud: Iraq’s desperate economic and security situation is leading to the trafficking of hundreds of Iraqi women into prostitution and sexual slavery.  Rising numbers of Iraqi women are being sold into sexual slavery every year because of the waning economy and dire security situation.

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War forces Iraqi mom into prostitution

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) — Wedad can’t bear to live this way much longer. Disgusted by the work, she can hardly stand it. Wedad is a prostitute in Iraq. Sectarian violence claimed the life of her husband three years ago. Unable to rely on her family, Wedad tried getting a job to support her three young …

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Will Iraq Crack Down on Sex Trafficking?

Ravaged by rights groups and upbraided by the U.S. for failing to take measures against human trafficking, the Iraqi government has been quietly working on a draft law to tackle the scourge. Baghdad was prodded into action late last year, after the release of the U.S. State Department’s “Trafficking in Persons Report,” according to Human …

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